GIZ / Support to Morocco’s energy policy

Aware of the promising future of green energy sources, Morocco has prioritized the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The country has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewable energy in electricity generation to 52% of installed capacity by 2030 and improve energy efficiency by 12% by 2020.

The achievement of these objectives is based, inter alia, on the creation of a legal and institutional framework favorable to the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency and the strengthening of Moroccan competences to accompany the gradual liberalization of the energy market, Electricity and energy transition.

To this end, GIZ provides support for the deployment of Morocco’s energy policy through:

  • Supporting the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development (MEMDD) in developing the regulatory framework for renewable energies and energy efficiency;
  • Supporting the development of the national regulatory authority for the electricity sector;
  • Supporting the updating of the energy strategy up to 2050 on the basis of different scenarios;
  • Strengthening the MEMDD competence base and other partners in the use of models for the development of electricity and energy scenarios;
  • Exchange between German and Moroccan institutions on the theme of “energy transition”;
  • Giving advice to various partners in international energy and climate issues.