Agadir, Beni Mellal, Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Oujda, Rabat: Six cities, one common goal

As a continuation of a pilot phase, AMEE’s territorial strategy, the Green Cities project supported by the GIZ, reinforces the skills of six Moroccan cities to make them systematically integrate the energy/ climate component into their communal planning.

The project’s achievements address three main areas of work:

  1. Planning and sustainable management of communal heritage

>> Employees of the communes have become familiar with the energy management software TBGE (Tableau de Bord de Gestion Energétique, Dashboard of Energy Management), specially designed for Morocco. It automates the energy consumption data collection, and facilitates the identification of the necessary interventions (leaks or abnormal overconsumption) and the most relevant energy efficiency measures. Oujda has already saved 900,000 dh on its vehicle fleet thanks to the TBGE.


>> A reference inventory of CO2 emissions was also carried out in the commune of Chefchaouen: this inventory makes it possible to use a reference year, to identify the main sources of CO2 emissions and the possibilities of reducing them.


  1. Strategic analyses to implement sustainable mobility:

>> Several Moroccan communes have acquired cargo-bikes, electric scooters and solar-powered charging stations following a study tour which allowed several political decision-makers and technical employees of the same communes to witness the successful experiences of sustainable mobility in Spain and Germany.

>> A study was carried out to analyze the opportunity for Moroccan communes to replace all or part of their municipal vehicles with rechargeable vehicles; with the opportunity to add solar roofs to public buildings in order to power vehicles


>> For the Commune of Marrakech, a study was carried out to analyze the technological, financial and management options related to vehicles and to charging systems adapted to the implementation of electric BHNS (High Quality Service Bus).


>> The town of Chefchaouen, which wishes to develop tourism on its territory, has been supported in conducting a study on the possibility of building a cable-car to access the mountain tops of the surrounding area.


  1. Upgrading the Public Lighting

>> Chefchaouen for example, was supported in the exhaustive diagnosis of its public lighting, which began with the inventory of nearly 2,500 light points. The data was collected in a geographic information system. This approach facilitates the maintaining and implementation of cost-saving measures on lighting.

>> The project has developed a roadmap allowing the analysis of the different options to manage the services of the commune in partnership or not with a private actor, using the local development companies. This roadmap makes available to the communes the information enabling it to choose the best adapted solution to its needs and to the approach to be followed