Moroccan-German Energy Partnership:

Since 2012, the Moroccan-German Energy Partnership (PAREMA) has been established with the objective of supporting Morocco in designing and implementing its energy policy, which is moving towards sustainable energy supply.

The Moroccan-German Energy Partnership is the central platform for the institutionalized dialogue on energy policy between Germany and Morocco. It aims at advancing the global energy transition, particularly by supporting Moroccan efforts to move forward in the field.

The two countries agree to work together within the framework of the Partnership towards a sustainable and essentially renewable energy future by the year 2050. The work of the platform focuses in particular on the following themes: energy production by favoring renewable energies, development of the network and interconnections, stabilization of the network and integration of electricity markets, participation of economic players, and reinforcement of energy efficiency.

The operational and general implementation of PAREMA is carried out, the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi) and the MEMDD, with the support of the secretariat. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA) on the German side, and MASEN, ONEE, SIE and IRESEN on the Moroccan side are actively involved. The participation of stakeholders from the economy, research and civil society is welcomed, especially with a view to support good investment and cooperation projects.

The cooperation and dialogue structure includes a high-level steering committee chaired by Moroccan and German high-level representatives.

Two thematic working groups address the following issues:

  • ” Cooperation in development and strategies for reducing emissions through energy projects”;
  • “Cooperation in energy policy and support for investment and research projects”.

These two working groups are under the technical direction of the respective national ministries and the German and Moroccan supervisory authorities, with the support of a secretariat.

The PAREMA Secretariat supports the management of the Moroccan-German Partnership and acts as the interlocutor for Moroccan and German partners in the field of Energy wishing to engage in this dialogue.

GIZ Energy supports the functioning of the Secretariat, which operates from MEMDD. The GIZ PAREMA project is part of the overall project which supports energy partnerships of the Federal Republic of Germany (mainly with China, India, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Brazil, Mexico and Morocco).

Energy Prospective

Since the joint declaration between the two countries in 2016, the Energy Partnership has been assisting the Kingdom of Morocco in defining an energy prospective vision for Morocco in 2050. This work, based on electrical and energy scenarios, is lead by the MEMDD with the support of the PAREMA Secretariat and in coordination with the projects of GIZ PAPEM and DKTI (German Initiative for Climate-Friendly Technologies). With these same projects, the Energy Partnership intends to support the Kingdom of Morocco with the aim of creating an Energy Analysis and Prospective Center, with the objective of strengthening and making more consistent the statistical intelligence and the energy modeling in order to support the energy transition of Morocco.

Support to the private sector

The Moroccan energy market is increasingly dynamic and is increasingly opening up to private investment, particularly in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The Moroccan-German Energy Partnership plans to support investment and cooperation projects. The thematic working groups may be open to participation by economic, research and civil society actors who can communicate their projects, particularly the co-operation projects. The PAREMA secretariat, backed up by the GIZ, organizes regular economic roundtables to bring the private and public sectors of the two countries together. In addition, the Partnership supports cooperation between the German solar companies association BSW and its Moroccan counterpart AMISOLE, aiming at strengthening the latter and establishing the quality of photovoltaic solar installations in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, since 2016, PAREMA has been publishing a brochure on investment opportunities in the sectors of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Morocco, which is available in German, French and English. This brochure, particularly aimed at small and medium-sized German and international companies, gives interested companies an overview of the possibilities for entry into the Moroccan energy market and a first set of useful benchmarks for their own market research.