The vocational training of technicians and specialized technicians as well as professionals in the energy sector is considered as an essential pillar for the success of the Kingdom’s Energy Strategy 2030. The GIZ Energy Morocco has made it one of its priorities by supporting vocational training adapted to the specific needs of the renewable energy and energy efficiency professions.

The approach to capacity building in green trades is based on a process that combines competency-based training to meet labor market needs, dissemination of quality assurance in training and practice as required by the international standards and finally providing support to the young technicians for the successful insertion on the labor market.

Key Areas:

  • Support the operationalisation of the Training Institute for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency IFMEREE in Oujda (technical assistance on pedagogical and organizational aspects);
  • Develop the curricula to meet the requirements of quality standards;
  • Implement a quality assurance model to promote the integration of IFMEREE graduates and trainees into the Moroccan labor market;
  • Exchange good practices and knowledge management of the various stakeholders of vocational training in the Renewable Energy sector;
  • The IFMEREE Networking at the national and international level.


These activities are carried out in partnership and in close collaboration with the Secretariat of State for Vocational Training, which has set up a new vocational training management concept, through the sector institutes whose management is delegated to professionals. The Institute for Training in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Oujda (IFMEREE) is one of them; it includes five shareholders, AMEE, FENELEC, FIMME, MASEN, and ONEE.

The management is provided by the two professional federations FIMME and FENELEC.

Vocational training for market development

The overall impact of all these actions will be the establishment, in Morocco, of an advanced vocational training culture for technicians specialized in renewable energy and energy efficiency, who not only respond with their practical and conceptual skills to the dynamic needs of the sector but will also play a key role in the development of this emerging market to lead Morocco towards a social and industrial environment that is increasingly successful in ensuring its ecological, economic and social sustainability.