The private sector plays a leading role in reducing poverty and sustaining economic growth through the creation of sustainable jobs and increased incomes. In Morocco, the economic setup of very small and medium-sized enterprises entails most of the jobs.

GIZ Energy Morocco aims to strengthen the skills of Moroccan companies, to better understand the potential and opportunities of the renewable energy market and to develop their technical and entrepreneurial capacities in order to offer innovative and competitive products and services.

This will help companies to consolidate their capacity for innovation and participate more effectively in the Moroccan market for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In cooperation with its political partner, the MEMDD, and its other partners such as the Solar Cluster, AMISOLE, FENELEC and FIMME and other associations, GIZ Energy Morocco assists companies in carrying out several key projects. These experiences and good practices are capitalized and disseminated.

The GIZ contributes to:


  • Improve framework conditions for the promotion of business investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Launch strategic studies to identify potential areas of activity for solar applications;
  • Develop the coaching networks at the national and international level;
  • Create an efficient and effective context in the Moroccan energy market;
  • Consulting on the opening of low- and medium-voltage electricity networks;
  • Involvement of the private sector in political activities;
  • Develop instruments to support the development of innovation skills of companies in the solar sector: Solar technology information system of companies, consulting network …;
  • Prepare dissemination materials and to allow a better understanding of the regulatory framework in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency.